How to Get Good at Anything

There is only one sure fire way to get good at anything. This works for school, work, marriage, parenting, hobbies, and fitness. You name it and the answer is the same. It is so deliciously simple that you will immediately say that cannot possibly work, but time and time again it does.

Do That Thing

If you want to get good at the guitar you don’t need to research the best guitar in the world and wait until you can afford it, you need to get whatever guitar and instructional method you’d like to start with and you need to start playing the guitar.

Trust me, I know. I started playing the guitar when I was 14 years old. It was probably pretty awful when I started, but I bet you I played that guitar every day for months and months. And after a while I could strum along to several songs.

I did it over and over and over. The same goes for exercise, cooking, work, hobbies, anything you can think of requires you to start doing it before you can get good at it.

I could have had the nicest guitar in the world, but without playing it I would never have progressed at all.

Be Consistent at Doing That Thing

Playing for 2-3 days and setting the guitar down for a month or two wouldn’t cut it. To get good at guitar you need to be consistently playing everyday. You don’t need hours and hours and hours. You just need consistency.

I have a good friend who is a world class athlete. He can run a marathon in less than 3 hours. I asked him to help me get better at running. “What shoes should I wear?” “What shorts should I get?” “What’s the most optimal training program?”

His answer stopped me in my tracks because it sounded like all of the music teachers I ever had: “Worry about running consistently before you worry about wearing the right shoes or shorts or if you have the most optimal training program.”

I trained for a half Ironman race several years ago and during that training I met several people who were at my skill level who had much better bikes than my very entry-level bike. Some of them would spend over $10,000 on their bike alone. We finished the race at the same time.

I was told that in bike racing, you can’t buy a better engine. Meaning no amount of money is going to make up for not riding your bike and being in shape. The reason that $10,000 bikes work isn’t because they make average riders better, its because they help good riders be more efficient.

How do you get a better engine for a bike? Ride the bike.

How to Get Good At Anything

If you want to get good at anything you have to do that thing consistently. That’s it. Simple. Only, it isn’t easy is it?

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