Mailbag – July 16, 2021

This is a weekly post of questions I get via email, text, DM, and/or old fashioned phone calls. I post the ones I think have broad applicability to my readers/listeners here. Enjoy!

I’m just getting started running. What gear do I need to buy?

When I started running I was in graduate school. I had very little money for gear at all. I am now 40 years old and have a good job with plenty of money to buy whatever gear I want. YOU DO NOT NEED ANYTHING OTHER THAN SHOES TO GET STARTED. I did not have a running watch, heart rate monitor, fancy nutrition plans, a coach, etc. when I got started. I had a pair of shoes…that’s IT!

You can spend lots of money on running gear pretty quickly, $200 shoes, $500 watch, $100 HR monitor, $2,000 treadmill, $100 training plan, $150 hydration vest, $700 recovery boots. The list can get crazy.

You need: Shoes that are ONLY for running, comfortable workout clothes not made of cotton. Once you learn how much you enjoy running send me a note and tell me what you want to accomplish and I can help you figure out the right gear.

I run really slowly, how will I get faster?

I know you are new to running and this is normal. Your body will adapt and you will begin to gain cardiovascular fitness. You should focus on being consistent now instead of speed. That is exactly what I am doing. My training plan has 5 days a week of activity, so I focus on doing each workout regardless of my speed.

How do you manage working out, traveling, family obligations, work stuff, etc.?

I prioritize my workouts. Courtney supports my desire to be healthy and knows that I need to spend time doing this. I put my workouts on my calendar and treat them as importantly as I would a work meeting.

Yes, I workout when I’m on vacation. If I have a scheduled workout I get it done, no matter what. Being on vacation makes it easier to workout. You can sleep in and go for a run at 8am or ride bikes after lunch.

It does mean that I have less time for television and scrolling social media, so be warned you won’t be caught up on any shows.

Weekend Thoughts

Willow didn’t sleep well for a couple nights this week, so I’m exhausted. I’m going to hang the rest of our bikes on the wall today, run 7 miles, and clean up/organize my office and bedroom. I think we are going to take Willow on a hike with a new puppy friend tomorrow afternoon, and I am going to take at least one, if not two, naps.

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