Mailbag – July 9, 2021

This is a weekly post of questions I get via email, text, DM, and/or old fashioned phone calls. I post the ones I think have broad applicability to my readers/listeners here. Enjoy!

I miss your podcast, are you ever going to start it up again?

Yes! I plan to start podcasting again now that people are commuting and driving again. I got this question from MANY MANY people over the last few months. Stay tuned.

Are you worried that you aren’t going to be able to complete the marathon?

Short answer is no, I’m not worried about it. Unless I am injured I will complete the marathon. I’m pretty focused when I have a goal. Last year I slept outside in a tent on my roof during a hurricane because I said I would sleep outside for 40 consecutive nights. A marathon is much easier than 40 nights on the roof.

The long answer is this: I don’t negotiate my goals. I learned that little sentence from Jesse Itzler, but it is something I have done most of my life. If I decide I’m going to do something, I do it no matter what. I’ve run half-marathons without training, I’ve learned how to play an instrument, it’s how I bought our house.

Once something is in my list of goals, I am going to accomplish it no matter what. I’m probably going to devote a podcast episode to this because I think it is important.

Where have you been for the last few months since you finished the Advent series? Are you going to do it again this year?

The advent series was very difficult. Each post took at least 4-5 hours (some of them 8-9 hours) and I started it while I was still sleeping outside. I frankly needed a break from writing. To answer your other question, YES. I am going to be doing an advent series again this year.

This year I’m going to have some help and we are starting early with the writing and planning. I’m going to host all of that over at Much more to come on this as we get closer to Christmas. I have a friend who also happens to be an ordained minister helping co-produce this year’s advent series.

How often are you going to write?

I have no idea. I wish I could say I was going to write everyday, but that just isn’t sustainable right now. I will post a minimum of once per week and of course the weekly mailbag…so send in your questions.

My goal for this site was always to inspire other people to get out of their comfort zone and try new things. To renovate their lives. No matter how great your home is there are things that need maintenance and things that need some renovation.

Our lives are the same way. We all need to take a look at our lives and get honest about areas where we aren’t living up to our own standards. I hope that by sharing that part of my life with you that you will be emboldened to do that in your own life.

Weekend Thoughts

We are planning to take Willow to the river again this weekend and I’ve got my first long run to complete. Take an hour this weekend to do something you don’t normally do: take a walk, call a friend, do a crossword puzzle. Shake it up and see what happens.

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