My 40th Birthday at The Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta

We had a great time at my 40th Birthday Party Last month. Despite not being able to hug anyone, we managed to pull off a socially distant volunteer night at The Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta! Special thanks to the Furniture Bank staff for helping me put this event together in a safe way for everyone, for staying WAY past closing time on a school night, and for helping us help others.

About The Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta

If you aren’t familiar with the furniture bank here is what they do directly from their website:

No one should have to walk through the door after a long day at work or school to cold, empty rooms… no couch to sit on, no table to eat at, and no beds to sleep in.

Furniture Bank clients have worked hard to overcome homelessness and financial hardships. They have often spent all of their limited resources on first month’s rent and have no money left to purchase furniture.

This is where the Furniture Bank steps in.

Our Making a House a Home Program provides essential household furniture to individuals and families who would otherwise be without.

Clients are given individual appointments in which they are able to select all the furniture they need including beds, dressers, couches, tables, and chairs. With the Furniture Bank’s help, families are able to make a fresh start in their new apartments, now warmly furnished and welcoming.

I am happy to be on the board of the Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta and do just a little bit to help people in my community as they leave homelessness and make a fresh start. If you want to get involved you can volunteer or make a donation.

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