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New Project: Run a Marathon

I’ve been looking for a new project to tackle after sleeping on my roof for 40 nights last fall. Everything I was thinking of seemed pretty lame in comparison to that. Then I was invited to come to Savannah to cheer on my best friend as he was going to run the Savannah Rock-n-Roll Marathon in November with his son.

The more I thought about it I realized I had enough time to train and run the race WITH them. (Well, they are really fast…so maybe an hour slower than them.) So that’s what my project is for this year: Run a Marathon.

Wait, Haven’t You Already Run a Marathon?

Yes. I ran the Anthem Bay Bridge Marathon in October of 2003 during my first semester of graduate school. I debated whether I should do this because I’ve done it before. Then I remembered that during that race I had an injury, I ran by time and not by heart rate (directly into a headwind), and was really disappointed with the result.

That was 18 years ago and I never laced up my shoes for a marathon again after that. I can’t let that be my ONLY experience with a marathon. So, marathon it is.

Become a Beginner (Again)

I’ll go into more detail tomorrow in my post on how I got into running, but I wanted to highlight how sometimes its good to be a beginner. After all of the races I’ve run and miles I’ve logged since my first race in 2003, I have decided to pretend like I have NONE of that experience.

I’m starting over from scratch. I’m using a beginner marathon training program that comes with our Peloton Bike+ Subscription and I’m following it without alteration.

I don’t know the last time you were a beginner, but it is really fun. You can make mistakes and chalk it up to not knowing any better, but most importantly you have no basis for expectation of your performance.

I’m not the same person I was at 22 years old mentally, emotionally, spiritually, nor physically. I decided to just pretend I’ve never run a race before and have no expectations other than to complete the training and run the race.

Writing my Life

I’ve tooled around on this site writing different styles of posts and the most engagement, the most responses, and the most text messages/DMs/Emails come from the posts when I’m just writing about my life. So, I’m going to write my life.

The next 18 weeks of my life will be full of specific training for my marathon. I am in Week 1 of the program and plan to write as frequently as possible about what I am experiencing. I hope some of the lessons I learn along the way can be applied to your life, even if you aren’t a runner.

I will also be posting some #AustinLife podcast episodes which you can listen to here or on your favorite podcast app. (I’m going to try and convince Courtney to join me and help drive the discussion toward something meaningful for more people.)

Let’s lace ’em up.

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