Peloton Experiment – Things we Love and Hate

It’s been a whole month since we took delivery of our Peloton Bike+ and we have really enjoyed it and would encourage anyone to invest in this piece of equipment. Here are some things we learned together during the last month, why we think you would likely benefit from having a Peloton bike, and some things we DON’T like about the Peloton that they should fix.

Things We Learned this Month

No Experience Necessary for Peloton

The biggest thing we learned is that enjoying a Peloton bike is not dependent on your prior cycling experience. I have participated in cycling events from 20 mile group rides to 66 mile races and several triathlons and hours and hours of bike riding on my own.

Courtney on the other hand has the same bike riding experience most of you have: riding around the neighborhood as a kid and some casual riding on protected trails to brunch or shopping.

But, BOTH of us have taken the same classes for the last month and have both had a LOT of fun comparing notes and have found the difficulty levels very easy to alter for each of our experience levels.

Peloton is more than a Bike

As a part of the package of gear we bought we received hand weights, resistance bands, yoga blocks/straps, and an exercise mat. That allows us to take advantage of all of the other classes on the Peloton Platform.

We have taken strength classes, meditation classes, yoga classes, pilates classes, and even some running classes. These have been just as easy to use together as the bike was. We both have been worn out by the strength classes even though we use different weights.

We Look Forward to using Peloton

We actually look forward to using the Peloton. Part of that is due to the community related features where we connect with friends who also have a Peloton and part of it is that it is very simple to use. There is very little “set up” before you do anything.

All you need to do is push the start button and the instructor tells you everything you need to do, provides a sound track, and motivates you to the end of the class.

And for me, there is a leaderboard in every class so I can see how I stack up and it provides me motivation to get better.

Why You Should get a Peloton Bike

We have always struggled with finding something that we both like doing until the Peloton. There is something for each of us as part of the platform and we can even choose some non-bike classes to do at the same time. If you want something to do together, you should get a Peloton.

It is very addicting when you know you have friends who can see if you are working out or not as well as “meeting up” with them for a ride. No matter the experience level you can ride with anyone. It doesn’t matter how much better your friend might be, it is very fun.

The variety of classes that aren’t bike related is phenomenal. You can participate in such a wide range of classes that you can’t run out of new experiences. If you are looking for variety, you will NOT be disappointed. You can even take those classes on the road with your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Things we Don’t Like about Peloton

The handlebars are in a fixed horizontal position and Courtney is probably a little more stretched out on the bike than would be preferable. This is a real disappointment in a bike that costs this much. It isn’t really that bad for her, but if you are 5’2″ or less you will have that experience.

The included instructions on getting the bike fit to your body are very poor. Thankfully I have lots of bike fit experience and there is an extremely helpful video on-line that addresses this issue. But for a bike this expensive I would have expected better instructions out of the box.

The shoe and pedal setup can be confusing to people who have never used “clipless” pedals before. Again, I have lots of experience, but if I didn’t this would be very frustrating from day one. The pedals didn’t have enough float at first and I had to install the cleats from scratch. Someone new probably would have had to spend lots of time looking for videos on line.


We love our Peloton Bike+ and think anyone looking to have a well rounded exercise regimen would benefit from this platform. Despite the things we don’t like, none of them are real deal breakers. We have even sold our beach cruisers and bought a pair of mountain bikes because we love cycling that much.

Do you have a Peloton? Are you considering getting a Peloton Bike or Bike+?

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