Things Change

A couple of years ago I bought a new pair of running shoes from a brand that I had been using for several years. My feet started to hurt after any amount of running. I switched brands of shoe almost immediately. Feet kept hurting. I changed brands again. Feet kept hurting. I went to the doctor to have them x-ray my foot and there was nothing wrong.

Then I was in Savannah, GA for work earlier this year and went into a shoe store to buy some new loafers and the gentleman helping me offered to measure my feet. I told him my size and he was adamant that he needed to measure to make sure.

Turns out my foot had grown. I bought 4 pair of shoes from him that day including new running shoes. I’ve been running pain free ever since. It felt like a miracle.

Things Change

Over time things change, things always change. We change, our friends change, the world changes. It is inevitable. I didn’t realize that feet changed sizes over time. It took an expert in feet. I spent $500 on shoes and x-rays when I really just needed to ask someone to make sure I was buying the right size.

What discomfort are you feeling in your life? Are you asking the right questions? Are you assuming that something in your life won’t change so there is no need to explore it?

Things change. Listen to those nagging discomforts and find an expert who can ask you the right questions and help you move forward.

Photo by Hobi industri on Unsplash

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