Why We Bought a Peloton

We bought a Peloton. I submitted the order just about a month ago and the bike arrives tomorrow afternoon. You are probably thinking: “Don’t you already have a road bike, a tri-bike, and a smart trainer?” Let me explain.

We Bought a Peloton to Do Something Together

Most of my fitness pursuits have been solo efforts. Not that Courtney couldn’t have participated, but she wasn’t interested in triathlon or running around in the extreme heat or cold that would be required for many of the races I have done.

We always liked being together, but over the last year we have learned we LOVE being together all the time. Watching TV, cooking, cleaning, moving, etc. Being around each other is something we really enjoy. I wanted to introduce something fitness related that we could do “together”.

Obviously we can’t both ride the bike at the same time, but we can both utilize the Peloton fitness platform they have created and thus have a “shared experience” as we improve our fitness together.

We Bought a Peloton for the Community

The cycling community is pretty awful. I don’t know what it is about cyclists, but they are very snobby. They judge everything about you: Weight, Clothing, Shoes, Socks, Gear, Non-Shaved Legs, etc. It’s like there is a point system that you have to follow to get people to just be nice.

That is one reason I don’t do group rides, it has always been a very poor experience. I always left feeling bad about myself.

I was always afraid that Courtney would want to start cycling and she would have to deal with all of the dumb stuff that goes along with the cycling community.┬áThat isn’t the case with Peloton. We don’t even have our bike yet and the people we know who have a Peloton have been extremely welcoming.

They have asked us to make sure to friend them, suggested different classes we might like, and offered tips and tricks on the best way to start getting used to the bike.

We Bought a Peloton for the Safety and Convenience

It is no secret that riding a bike on the street makes you vulnerable. I regularly ride my cruiser to Bone Garden Cantina to pick up our order on Friday nights. It takes less than 2 minutes to ride there from my house and I was run off the road on several occasions.

Because of how unsafe the streets are Courtney and I agreed that all of my outdoor bike training would be done on protected trails. That means a 20 minute drive each way, plus loading gear, etc. It isn’t convenient during the week and taking the bike on and off the trainer is just enough of a pain that I know I wouldn’t do it.

So, the Peloton is a nice way to ride safely and conveniently.

Wrap Up

We are ready for tomorrow and can’t wait to see what everyone has been raving about. Do you have a Peloton? Let us know your user name in the comments.

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